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Read with ydays blog; Y was g.b. prison invented?
The evil mischieves that broke me (alhamdulillah), that also remade me properly (alhamdulillah).




Re:  Y was Guatanamo Bay prison created? (blogged on 29/11/15 in WordPress)

I intentionally did not go in2 the discussuon of guatanamo bay, bcoz  i know mashallah any beleiver of allah will b able 2 understand wot sort of persons were taken in there n y?  isnt it so obvious after reading my case which i named g. b. (here instead of in cuba it stands for great britain, where g.b., cuba style sorcery torture n rest of it all started for me). when thru the various coersions for a “preconditional” transfer 2 work under a fagod american in london n bcome a gay attempt failed due 2 my resignation, still then the hopes of the 2 homosexual governments stayed alive n still continues.  the latest version of keep hope alive. later the offer with same preconditions were “upgraded” for new york when i mashallah kicked on the sodom royal british nations face n decided 2 come bak home 2 bangladesh.

my sympathy, prayer n wellwishes goes out fm the bottom of my heart n soul 2 all my muslim brothers who were humiliated, wrongfully still detained under intentionally lied charges framed against them, mercilessly tortured, made sorcery guinea pigs 2 terrorist ICBMs while there.  i  am pretty sure mashallah that my n their experiences r quite  similar.   although they were not able 2 put me in animal cages but they made up for their sodomy n sorcery humiliations thru other means.  with the grace of allah i am mashallah still alive probably everyday escaping death  narrowly n how many times only allah knows better.

thnx 2 allah again that despite all these coersions n super monkey power show offs mashallah not even for a single moment were they  able 2 shake my faith least create a bit of confusion for a single moment, allahu akbar (allah is the greatest force above all n combined).  the reasons that these muslim brothers were taken 2 G.B., Cuba was due to the likely fact that they were muslims of strong iman n amol thus culdnt b enslaved.  since  they were likely 2 b allahs 1 of the most favorite subjects full of piousness, valour, patriotism n tawak which made them “bad muslims” 2 these liar, filthy, crooked kafirs, shytwan worshippers n thus bcame cherry picked muslims by these jalems n faseks who r no less than pheraun. i pray so that allahs anger n punishment also falls upon the makers, executors n continuity providers of all sorts of terror cells similar or in pricipal or acts close 2 g.b.’s.  i hope they wud b immediately shut down n all those that were thruout  the decades involved with them, fm the highest public office holders 2 the lowest found guilty b bot under the strictest justice n given examplary punishments not less than humiliating death sentences (change the law if necessary). dont forget here we r deaĺing with most harmful n mindless terrorists whose evil can b traced with innocent people immensely suffering or dead in allmost every country in this world.

however shud they arrogantly continue 2 show these offices as if run by monkey gods n try 2 hide their outrageous anti humanity acts, allah then u bcome the judge of their injustice n hypocrisy, n b severe, if necessary,  more, much more severe that u had been towards pharaun n his followers.  bcoz the world is about 2 bcome completely a shytwans heaven due 2 their limitless greed, continuous recalcitrance, arrogance n magnitude of evil which has spread alhru out the world. u r indeed best, just n severist of all judges n swiftest executioners of all.  i beg 2 u allah 2 save the humanity fm the ambituous plans of these sorcerous shytwans, otherwise it seems, 2 start with  they want 2 turn in2 every muslim houses in2 G.B., london-ny.  n let the muslims not forget that on top of these they hav a muslim killing project named “arab spring”.





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