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Greetings thru allahs 1 of the 99 qualitative beautiful names, “salam” ( or as-salamu-aliykum) meaning peace 2 u, whoever these word(s) r said 2.  Thaematics is, the 1 greeting salam is keeping allah as witness n assuring the greeted that he is safe fm any harm fm the 1 greeting. In response 1 says salam or walaikum-us-salam or meaning may peace b upon u too.

Pls refer 2 my blog Counter Terrorism  dt. 10/11/15 in g+.

Quotes fm Counter Terrorism:

My exposure 2 the knowledge of this highest of the top secret evil project was mashallah, due 2 a combination of factors like circumstantial n work related exposures with these banker alabied criminal terrorists. Then their opportunistic attempt for exploitation of my career on behalf of regionalism of their government’s foreign policy biased towards 1 of our neighbours n use others as sacrificial animals  2 keep the bhogoban healthy for milking till its need. My answer  2 the modern enslaving program was go 2 hell ie., resigning. This made these retarded God thinking n acting which r nothing but bunch of damned n cursed high spending evil sorcerers n dark science user losers maddeningly blind in fury, who have so far only seen some success 2 their nuisance evil programs 2 maintain their arrogance n exploitations of others by pulling the nincompoops, ambitious greedys, immoral, slys n unethical few.

By the power n will of allmighty Allah I am mashallah still surviving despite their prolonged torture 2 murder attempts along with family intoxication set ups, using sorcery 2 prevent me from doing anything else, trying 2 intimidate me in every human circles I mix etc.. Although the time period is quite long, since 1995 (but so far alhamdulillah nothing compared 2 the 300++ years that the cave dwellers  mentioned in the Quran) n physically very painful (using jinns 2 recreate parkinsons disease like symptoms n much more) but I must say it has also been sort of blessings in disguise bcoz not only it provided me with a much needed break 2 know wot every Muslim shud know n appreciate 1st  about Allah who is our beloved  creator, guide, guardian, protector n most of all is like a truely best friend – allways mashallah eager 2 listen n help us, provided we truly n honestly submit ourselves 2 him.  Also, it has been an unprecedented long term oppotunitiy 2 gather evidences against these non movie mafias having roots not in Sicily but in ny, london, mumbai, sydney, tel  aviv only a few places 2b mentioned.

This was possible largely due 2 the fact that about yr or 2 before the time I quit, they became opposing n deadly enemies divided in2 2 groups.  It seemed 2 hav become religion for each group  2 interfere with n allways oppose the other faction on any matters – private n professional about me.  All busy in irritating me, developing mechanisms 2 show me as an underperformer n on their toes 2 take revenge on  behalf of the nincompoop bhogoban of their choice despite the fact he was cot by me  lying n deceiving.  In defending myself n upholding the truth against these shameless opportunists, ethicless immorals n compulsive liars above all friends n promoters of shytwan.  i wud say  i was never mashallah an underperformer but, not bragingly, but more of probably 1 of the best hi achievers of this banks 115  country spread branches n thousands of employees. that’s y they invented new rules for Citibank, Bangladesh- never share annual performance evaluations, the branch manager Hindustani an anti Bangladesh n Islam hater just like his American/ british buddy bosses was given full moral n logistic supports 2 lie about this country 2 set-up his cover up n do everything within his capacity to keep the morales of the employees low.


These most vicious n deadly warring groups r still fighting – against each others n both conspiring against Muslims. wot shocks me most is that the governments  of these terrorists ie,  british n us governments combined intelligence agencies n agents who r assigned 2 destroy the financial sectors of other countries  r very well known 2 them n r not being controlled. the most disturbing  part is some of their horrific terrorist acts r even protected by these governmnts n  covered up as islamic terrorism as part of the retarded foreign policy of theirs. THESE R THE 1s WHO HAD PLANNED 9/11 N AFTER THAT MANY MORE TERRORISM ACTS WHICH THEIR GOVERNMENTS HAV NAMED ISLAMIC TERRORISMS. HOW EVILS SHELTERS N SERVES EACH OTHERS COZ N PUT THE BAD NAME ON ISLAM N MUSLIMS



By Munir

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