Wots it Gonna b – Akd or Engagement




If the women population had been trained/ tot 2 understand how the man psyche that works (thnx 2 the shytwan as well) when they c uncovered women specially w/o any male companion, n 2 mitigate this instantaneous eruptive mind of her counterpart she wud have veiled herself properly, than I wud presume there wud hardly b any sexual harrassments, intimidations, rapes, sexual misbehaviours etc.in the society

Woit Gonna b – Akd or Engagement



Salam.  Lucky bhai, seems like mashallah a bit too long but since all relevant points, wont take too long once u start reading it inshallah.  Pls share with bhabi

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Munir Chowdhury

IF U R READY 2 GET MARRIED (title changed)……



The latest cooperation between the muslim societies n the shytwan 2 pave ways fm haram 2 jena acts is very modernly called engagements. Here the bride n bride grooms r either previously known 2 each other or never met bfore. In both cases the parents n guardians of both families meet 2gether including the 2 b pairs. The primary purpose is for the 2 families 2 get acquinted with each other n 2  make opportunity for the 2b couple 2 c each other n talk if necessary 2 clarify any points. All shud b according 2 quran n hadid, meaning strict veil with some relaxations so that shaytwan cannot create misunderstandings between the couples in the future. Then kabin amounts r agreed n a date of akd ie., wedding.  Sunnah guides us that this date shud b asap.

Then starts the shytwans taking charge n showing off power. How many sunnat e muaqqadas (almost equivalent 2 farj) n farj can b humiliated competition starts between, it seems now competing 2 families. The usual 1st blow comes with a fixing of a wedding date at least as far as 6 months away.  Then as if all has turned all of a sudden in2 lunatics allowing the 2 2b marrieds for free mixing fm dawn 2 bedtime. Y all of a sudden it bcomes so urgent for the 2 unmarried boy n a girl get social tickets to roam around everywhere as married couples?  They cud wait at least 25 years n they cud not wait 6 more months 2 intimately discover each other?  Wot if these 2 get involved in jena, who is 2 b blamed?  The probability according 2 either hadid of hazrat mohammad saw or mkt statistics of jena happening among the free mixing unmarried couples willl confirm that the engaged 2 r highly likely 2 hav sex during this period.  While the society has given them sort of false confidence that they r married, their biological urges with the proximity obtained n wide range of places 2 choose from, can anybody explain me which shaytwan wont help them in the repeated haram act for long 6 months. Isnt bcoz of these reasons sharia has strict ruling on no free mixing ? How does a engagement named beedah supersedes our religion so blatantly?. Every1 covers up this unholy act under some sort of lame excuse all of which so fàr i heard r ridiculous. But it is sunnat e muaqqada 2 choose the girl agree 2 a reasonable kabin the boy can immediately afford n fm wotever little he has letover even if that means treating a bare minimum guests with only a few dates complete the walima. N thats all 2 a muslim marriage.

Now with jena bfore marriage (astagfirillah) plannings of spending, extravagence n all sorts of free mixing n all sorts of shady sexuality promoting ritual based programs r set in the name of fun, culture, tradition. The social shytwans dosent only stop there. They hav managed just reverse anti social act promoting social norms. In some extreme rare cases they wud allow akd on the engagement day n take revenge by the same lame excuses not 2 allow them sleep 2gether (can u bleive married couples seperated? Wud there b any good intentions?) again for af least 6 months. Well both of u got 1 in the cage so go out there either frustrated or not frustrated hav fun, warm up with another 1 n bastards n sluts usually like married 1s 2 play with. Make yor society modern.

Enuf said how shrewdly or dumbly we hav rotted the society. But i still dont get it how dare n since when we ourselves or under whose authority bcome so cute 2 defy nobody but allahs most important rules. Have we damaged our religion n society 2 a point of no return or mayb if we try convincingly we can inshallah fix the damage. Let us all wake up 2 our senses n start judging the true values n inner strengths of allahs laws. Only then we can find an ejlightened life n society. Otherwise sticken filth hidden under the glitters like the west, boom for a while n definitely bust for ever down the road. If u dont blief qurans history then read about civilizations peaked n doomed in many history books n try 2 find the answer 2 the question y?



Munir Chowdhury


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A good reminder mashallah for all eligible bachelors out there.

Dont spoil the best n most important decision of yor life by falling in2 shytwans trap ie., luv thru free mixing. It is allah who makes pairs, it is another of the few things he has kept under his perview. He has also made it clear the pre conditions of his pair making. He has absolutely clearly stated in the quran that pairs will b made according 2 1s level of piousness. But if 1 chooses shytwans path so will b his parttner given fm 1 of them.

Wot most of us r doing in this nonsegregated free mixing society is falling in luv faster then animals. Not at all looking at the religuous obligations we r only running after physical satisfaction hoping it willl emotionally fullfill us. But in acts where there can never b any rahmat fm allah there can never b any fulfillment except fake hopes. So emotionally void we look for another luv n another n another…..each time slipping further down, such is the trap of shaytwan. N those who somehow manage sticking 2 less #s n eventually get married not only gjves new definition 2 virginity but bcomes outspoken shytwans decorated n divinely blessed model happy the couple. Whereas in this haram act too there can never b much rahmat or any barkat for the couple or their future generations. 1 only gets fooled cing their apparent prosperity n luv all arranged by shytwan . These r among the most shrewd n subtle bing shytwans most effective aid convincing people sharia needs 2b changed bcoz shytwan has bcome clever over time 2 fool human bings.

Iwf u take ths whole situation in2 perspective u can clearly c there is so much rahmat n barkat kept in2 arranged marriages.  Bcoz allah loves purity n obedience. N talking about romance it ONLY starts after marriage regarlless how long u knew yor partner bfore marriage ori lived 2gether, n if u dont blief me ask any life/luv pandits out there.

Hoping inshallah a happy n pure married life for every1.

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When I mashallah received the following blog fm a friend of mine, I started 2 think about the marriage rituals prevailing in bd.  I was shocked 2 discover that

[Google+] is good,have a look at it! https://plus.google.com/app/basic/stream/z12ixvaopya1ulczu04celzxowyjytlrzvg0k?cbp=190fa4euytfx3&sview=1&cid=5&soc-app=115&soc-platform=1&at&att=true&spath=/app/basic/notifications&sparm=cbp%3D1whoil1u32jk2%26sview%3D18%26cid%3D5%26soc-app%3D115%26soc-platform%3D1

Sarimah Mansor

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Îqrä Ńishath originally shared:

If You Really Love A Woman !!

All praises and thanks be to ALLAH (SWT). The Lord of the Aa’lameen.

As’saalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Hi Wabarakatuh,

O Men, If You Really Love A Woman;

• Marry her,

• Protect her,

• Give her real love,

• Appreciate her,

• Thanks her for excess,

• Give advice to her,

• Bring her into the path of ALLAH (SWT),

• Correct her mistake,

• Be patient with her,

• Accept and love her shortcomings,

• Be the best Imam for her.


O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam peace be upon him), and from him (Adam) He created his wife [Hawwa (Eve)], and from them both He created many men and women and fear ALLAH ( SWT) through Whom you demand your mutual (rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, ALLAH (SWT) is Ever an All-Watcher over you.

[Qur’an 4: 1]

And ALLAH (SWT) knows best.

May ALLAH (SWT) grant you all a righteous spouse, someone who will love you and fulfil their rights and one who remind you of ALLAH (SWT) all the time.

Allah Humma Aameen.

Da’wah ALLAH (SWT)

Translated from Arabic






























































By Munir


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