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no, never. love is a relationship beyond friendship regardless how deep it isb, but 2 love it has 2b even deeper. soul matters when it comes 2 the deepest of the matters. hence soul is linked with true love not best frIends.

wot is soul? the scientists r yet 2 find or even come close 2 a common definition agreement. but wot does allah say about ruh (soul)? he says in the quran that he has blown “his ruh” in2 human. 1 that directly comes fm allah it has 2 b love bcoz in true sense wotever good n beautiful u c in yorself or in all yor surroundings is symbolizing allahs love 2wards u. similarly whenever we human beings think in wotever state of mind ( gratitude, fear guilt, anger, frustration etc) of allah it is 1st we love him deep inside where our soul resides. he is our 1st n foremost love. n he like everything else in return lovingly also decides who wiĺl b our soulmates. thus love gets created thru the ruh n we say soulmates amongst all the friends we hav.

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‘SOULMATE’…so is it possible to find your soulmate in a friendship??

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    Totally agree!  :)+1

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