Syria Under Seige





Cold blooded human evils r arranging so called peace talks allmost every week n paying lavishly for traveling, food, hotel expenses, conference room rentals, protocol, security, hefty per diems n wot not?  Each time they meet it costs up2 several hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Wot they achieve at the end of 2/3 days meet?  A piblic communique saying we havent achieved anything n will meet again soon 2 work out the differences.  Also we c declarations such as sanctions  m embargos supposedly against their friend bashar al asad but actually targeting the innocent lots most of whom r not even involved in the conflict at all.  Wot a dichotomy.

The number says it all.  In just the syrian conflict, within the last 5 years 300,000 people died.  That is 164 people killed per day!  If this not worst than  ethnic cleansing wot is?  This is surely n effectively wiping 1 of the oldest nations out of the map.  The sad story dosent just stop there.  There r almost half a million starving bcoz either the country cannot produce due 2 war or buy it bcoz the general people ran out of savings n of course foreign intervention thru banning of import of food n life saving materials. N the death toll increases.

Wot r the other countries in the ummate mohammad saw r doing about it?  We r relaxed as if we will b spared fm the bite of the rattle snakes.  Not only that, we r also not doing anything for the rebels n the innocent syrians who r suffering n starving.

Wot çan we do?  Inshàllah we can do a lot.  We can fast at least 1 day n dedicate that days 5 salats/ namajs n the fast for the  syrian ill, starving. Also for the underarmed but mashallah brave rebels.figjting  against the evil, by specially supplicating 2 allah for all of them.  Till the end of year cancel our partys, expensive dining out programs n instead donate the anticipated bill amounts 2 the free syria fund.  I am suggesting if 1 cud mashallah afford 2 contribute some fm his savings still he shud try out this additional sacrjfice for the sake of improving inshallah  his own tawak n 2 get an experience of prophet mohammads way of life n teachings.

PS: western union is probably the quickest n reliable fund transfer outlet.


Also allah fm yor endless bounties none of yor creations goes home hungry everyday.  In this evil human made disaster dont let syrians die of starvation, pls provide them thru yor rahmah n barakah.  N pls destroy urgently all the evil that kafirs n their accomoplices has plotted in that region.

By Munir

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