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Sometime bak i wrote this instagram blog. Umbelibeable fraud act, isnt it? Whenever this region is metioned in the news there is no lak of the word PEACE in the newsmakers statements. Wot we didnt understand for 7 decades is that it was, while fooling us, their code 2 shytwan 2 help them destroy peace more effectively in the region.

Exactly in the similar process n thru killing the innocents n systemitically destructing the entire country, they r reinventing the same saga in syria. It will soon bcome worlds another burden like palestian, this time also created by 3 deadly evils – britain, israel n usa.

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From L (Filistin in the 1940s) to R “proposed palestine” (that also is not fully independent n sovereign). Wot existed for the palestinians (entire green area) bcame aft 75yrs (2 maps aft gradually) hardly any green or filistini land left. Incredible magical power 2 rob an entire nation n always pretending 2 b fair negotiators but actually the main underwriters of crime of the human race.

A base named israel had been set up there by btitain n america, who preaches the world on democracy n tolerance. Can some1 pls show me 1 example of tolerance of these liar, unjust arrogant states? The world is truly in great uncertainty n danger n at the csnter of its coz is obama. Noone knows wot will evolve fm hiis arab nonarab spring blunder. The legacy of incompetent us presidents blood thirsts goes on ever since i started reading newspapers in the 70 s n bfore that. Obama with a combo name made out of jews, muslims n christians is nothiing but a talkative foul n ftaud. Like clinton he has set the stage for endless wars n bloodsheddings for the years 2 come.

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