Heather Smiley for President-2015 – nytimes.com

  • 23/10/15



A picture of obselete $3 coin of usa.  lady libertys head shown or the next president decided of that inshallah obselete country, hrc s?

Munir Chowdhury
2 days ago



Oh dear! that wud b so horrific. Just like the clown bastard husband of hers. Y dosent saudi gazette (a sister conxern of ny times) interview her with this quesrion: last time.as secy u masterminded or cominded the most ambitious muslim killing project ever named, arab spring. Then.u were.sent off 2 vacation by yor.boss 2 draw up the next series of muslim killings with the help of shit full of head husband of yors, 2 b implemented 2 kill more muslims umder a new scheme – will it start after they make u president n where will it start?

Siti Afifah originally shared:
Assalamualaikum.when Heather Smiley for President-2015- film in Indonesia?
Heather Smiley for President-2015 –
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[Heather Smiley for President-2015 – nytimes.com] is good,have a look at it! http://www.nytimes.com/theater/show/431901/Heather-Smiley-for-President/overview

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