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2day i recall sura nasr where allah is comforting his favorite prophet mohammad (saw) not 2b disheartened (n slow down his dawaa responsibility) with the good news that soon lots of people will respond 2 his hard work n adopt islam as their deen. n mashallah that did happen.

N it continied 2 happen over last 1400 years. 2day thru formaal or informal invitation islam is mashallah 57 countties, more then 1 billion strong. Since 2001a supermonkey nation made stories after stories even killed their own ctzens 2 create false allegations against islam but cud they hurt islam? Not a bit…..such is the power of truth n allah. A super mighty nation with all its mighty arsenals r allmost leaving their created battlefield against islam like scared n brainless animals looking for a hiding place that r chased in the fields by humans.

Its almost another battlefield in atlantis disqus between prc n usa bloggers. Last count was close 2 800 rebuttles.
Go chk it out for yorself. In the mean time anglo n amrrican retards after me nothing has changed here. inshallah when i say the consequences will b beyond yor imaginations i truly pray so 2 allah.

An-nasr, or help (quran 110)

In the name of allah, most gracious, most .merciful.
1. when comes the help of allah, n victory,
2 n thou dost c the people enter allahs religion in crowds
3. Celebrate the praises of thy lord, n pray for his forgiveness: for he is oft-returning (in forgiveness).

[Destined for War: Can China and the United States Escape Thucydides’s Trap? – The Atlantic] is good,have a look at it!

4/10/15 blogged in atlantic (disqus)


Hi, felllow bloggers u hav been kept very busy with the rest of world on bogus debate by cia. Like harvard u, cia has been recruited by us govt 2 popularize, promote n get feedbak on creating conflict stories between prc n usa. The liar nation (usually homos r like this) has changed policy. Now it is not islam their enemy but china. Just a while bak i published a blog on the subject although the whole thing cot my attn here couple of days bak n i did put a little blog then. Bfore i reprint 2days blog here i wjll just ask the chineese all over how does if feel 2b falsely blamed? N then how will it feel if 57 muslim countries stay quite….n dont help? Wot happend since 2001 2 asian thousand yr old values n moralities practised thru many civilizations never b 1 or b with a liar?

4/10/15 (blogged in g+)


Finally, n finally a liar n arrogant nations – america n britain has conceeded defeat 2 Islam. Alhamdulillah (all praise 2 alllah).

Now they hav found a new enemy p.r.c., peoples republic of china or just china. An ole enemy refound. I doubt in my mind that these two countries will collide in the future. China unlike former soviet union is a communist country but highly influenced by the deep philosophy n virtues of confucianism. I hav very little exposure on this great chineese philosopher but whenever or wotever little i heard or read about his teachings they always
provoked some questions in my mind, bcoz i was so impressed with his philosophy.
A person so virtuous n his words or sayings with so deep meanings is most likely 2 b a prophet of allah whom every1 had forgotten as a prophet (just like gautam buddah who has been recently proven by the comparative religion scholar dr. Zakir naik that certain indications in his preachings which remains till 2 date unaltered with most preachings being altered, had 2 b a prophet). similarly some of confucian teachings still remains unharmed. Moreover, it seems 2 me like prophet mohammad (saw) whose hadid shows that mashallah his talking style was 2 use very simple words 2 the point so that everybody cud very easily understand wot he is saying but for the scholars there cud b underlying deeper meaning too, confucius also had similar style. In other words wot it probably reflects thru their pure, simple but hi level of literatures that their audience wud b mashallah huge, intelligent n for a relatively prolonged period of time. It makes sense bcoz prophet mohammads hadids r meant for as of 2day 7 billion humans n will inshallah remain till the last day for every human in earth. Whereas confucian audience has been 1 of the oldest civilizations n densely populated areas of the earth n eventhou there is no organized religious activity on confucianism but still a lot of people follow his teachings religiously. This is, my blief, primarily bcoz they hav not yet (unfortunate for them) embraced islam due 2 the curse of communism. Otherwise a nation that is so much in love with confucianism will simply inshallah embrace islam like a brush fire once they leave the prejudice n illeterate like mentality bhind (unfortunatly when it comes 2 islam only). They r simply being fooled by the shytwan.

Now bak 2 the point y wud usa n prc collide. Allmost for the same reason y islam n usa under the disguise of crusade (2 bcome even a bigger force with its nato brothers) cud hav collided. Then y this perepeteia (the word which i learnt yesterday)? Their sorcery mightyness must hav taken a nose dive (thats y they dont want 2 give up their very effective waterboarding equivalent torture thru which they can kill anybody anytime or irritate any1 2 such extent that turn any1 in2 non suicidal or suicidal murderer anytime. Due 2 persistent n prolonged tortures n when 1s mind is allmost shut off under such severe painful tortures, they use that as an opportunity 2 create a transed n stubborn mind 1st 2 use the vocal shaytwan 2 try either turn 1 in2 mad by nonstop recitation of chapter mo fos vulgers n name chantings fm any of the 3 bastard books – bible, torah or geta. This also serves another purpose. By opening up channels at opportune times (thru their new science – messengers jinns) for others 2 eavesdrop n listen 2 fhe f/ u divinitys chanting prepared by monkies of church of england or vatican. The lesbian whore ambassador of the homo nation usa shares invaluable filths with clowns like nato countries, russia, s arabia, iran, india, pakistan, taiwan, some middle esstern countries n who knows wot else countries 2 show the niger n white sorcerer nigers r clean including the bastard lesbian herself n her homo filled 1 hell of a terrorist, foul mouth, crook, big mouth bully, coward yet ruthless killer nation. The last thing i cud remember they achieve thru the mixture of nose-mouth torrtures n waswasa they ask u 2 write the true experiences of tortures perhaps with the hidden benefits for them like in the church made filthy chantings.

all these n more r wrecklessly bing used against opponents. On top of the battle sufferings the syrians r complaining about pains. No 1 can understand which is a bomb n which is the shytwans acts. They think they hav broken the hell open on muslims. If the situation persists nobody is safe. China again is very much strangely (even with the training in confucian human love etc) is ruthless 2wards the chineese muslims. Which is very unfair n discriminatory, allmost equal 2 the level.of black discrimination in usa bfore their civil war. They shud relook at their west china policy urgently. Only a foolish nation makes its own population its enemies n more so muslims whose religion dictates patriotism is a significant part of iman or blief.

Dud 2 american aggrrssion initially even if they r not affected but their friends n neighbours r affected, they can not tolerate such show of foreign power in the recgion. Bsides assurance or no assurance given 2 china the 1st opportunity us gets it will try 2 colonize china n exploit chinas resources.

earlier having said their sorcery took a nose dive, then y explain modus operandi of american evil. thru our faith n reliance upon only 1 allah we probably were able 2 hav confronted evil of a still sorcerer nation (even threatening 2 harm me farther n never remove their spells on me).

once they start these evils on China n china retaliates with
sorcery, then we will c hell break open n an uninhabitable planet.


Bfore i put forward the next blog let me inshallah add a few points. As i hav mentioned that i can clearly c that usa will definitely get in2 conflict even war with china in this highly complex trade n financial world which is robust n dynamic where existing issues r abundant n in most of fhem both seems 2 b unwilling 2 leave any space for the other, the going will only get tuffer in the future. So the best way 2 avoid any misunderstanding that will allow shytwan 2 exploit the situation n create war between the 2 – 2 b extra vigilant, take hypocrisy n prejudice out of the mind. Probably recruit a consultant 2 find the issues that mostly asian n african countries find arrogant n non communicable with generally all levels of american trade negotiators, so there allways remains some open space for future disputes n conflicts. Let the consultants find them n help make airtight agreements where all details r cleaely expressed n understood by both parties. I wud recommend even make it mandatory for us presidents 2 b trained bfore they make their 1st oversees trips. Another problem is that usa is Making too young as presidents who r showing lak of maturity. Here i wud recommend change the law, make min age 60, just 1 term n for 5 yrs.

If u r against bloodshed then just change yor culture of using words on others 2 truly meaning wot u r saying 2 others. I will explain it. Clington when pres went 2 palestine n among the palentinians, as i recall fm the newsclip, he practically roared saying they (israelis) hard u 2day assuring some palestinian women after they explained their almost inhuman life under israeli n of course his occupation. He impressed me better then a hollywood actor with his facual expressions n his finger pointed n hand extended as if he was telling his base commander istaeli pm 2 stop hurting palestinians. Then as a peace merchant off he went 2 stolen land israel. No body till 2day heard him even murmering less roaring 2
the isrealis about the sufferings of the paletinians. Now pls read the piccard. If u consider the writings on the card as allahs warning i can surely walk the talk n peacefully deal with china n the rest of the world who also mistrusts america for misusing its advantageous position. Another point is all trades shud b for need not greed.

Finally, if there is will ny both parties there will inshallah b a way. Now the question is whether they hav the will. Lets pray n hope they will change for better n make it a truly peaceful world.

Y people pay so much money 2 get educated in the ivy leagues – 2 bcome con strars like this harvard intellectual. In the jibrish of fancy word filled sentences n numbers wot they train the young minds 2 b. Nothing else other then fact hiding frauds n all talkative shytwans.

Can u find a perfect analogy? Of course, us presidents must meet this criteria.

If u falll victim of this bastard nations fact killing process then scroll down, tap on comments n u will inshallah c that i hav added the link there. bcoz a stupid nation is too proud n arrogant, shamelessly needless 2 say, 2 rectify its evil act even after it was gjven chance 2 do it.
Munir Chowdhury
Due 2 health condition,stress taking disallowed. at Retired
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