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The saga continues.  all we can do mashallah is potray the facts, evidences L haram act, show our cncerns giving the probable logical condutiins that exist  
bushra, although frustrated, has mashallah put forth the most important need.  lets wake up n realize that without the true religion islam soon we will b like the brits – bigotry in blood as shytwan flows in the himan blood.  she has got a strong point on social medias.  still these r mashallah a good platform 2 quickly come up the curve on current affairs thru out the globe on most issues n  most importantly with layman 2 a scientist point of view.  otherwise alternate wud b
all govt pleasing news even with bbc, cnn , al jazeera etcs..
the west is so far away fm the rite path that w/o judging their own vulnerable position they try 2 over impose on others.   indeed allah is rite when he said in the quran that it is the wrong n evil repeated acts that turns (it seems entire nations) in2 deaf, dumb n blind.  it dosent end there.  allahs severe punishment follows.
few days bak i wrote a blog – rethink the curriculum (wp, 3/9/15).  i humbly present it again in order for us in these terrible days of duniya, haram, kafirs interferance even in our religious bliefs n practices.

MunirUNT(Munir Chowdhury)
Rethink the Curriculum


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bushra, i am forwarding 2 u a dw news item. actually these r not news items but promotion of haram acts. each stage orchestrated or sponsored by a western country under a massive plan of defying our culture n blief. that is in turn again under a massive conspiracy against islam worldwide. experience shows they teach us sympathy, humanity n accept some “non generic behaviors” in the name of tolerance (wots goes unsaid is all for shytwan, hidden bhind democracy n spineless, valueless n greedy church that can change the religion whenever they want). now these fun loving dramas soon bcoms a dangerous social threat unless we bcome extremely hostile n aggressive at the onset of such haram allah defying disgustung acts.  otherwise they will b lawnmowing us with all sorts of haram.
i wud like 2 c women too express their opinion n suggest remedies 2 this buddin anti islamic act in this country.  (addition) (they hav prepared a eid special natok 2 present the nation with a new “islamic” act where they will show three  very happy n loving lesbians living all together.  they hav recruited prominent actresses for the 3 gay lovers roles 2 get the max audience.  in a country where gay acts r illegal n punishable, i wonder how the censor board is allowing this). these cunning shaytwans, if not dealt with ssverly at the budding stage then they practically bcome uncontrolable later. my blog (i dont know if u read it) dead sea i am sharing with u in case u think some ideas cud b used as ref..
deadsea (archieve july, 20!5)

বাংলাদেশে সমকামী নারীদের নিয়ে কমিক স্ট্রিপ | মাল্টিমিডিয়া | ডিডাব্লিউ

I am browsing [বাংলাদেশে সমকামী নারীদের নিয়ে কমিক স্ট্রিপ | মাল্টিমিডিয়া | ডিডাব্লিউ.ডিই | 07.09.2015]. Have a look at it!
Munir Chowdhury
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Rahnuma Ahmad
Wa’alaikumussalam.. actually I think it was only a matter of time..the agenda at hand is being pushed and quite successfully..I have heard of the meeting held at British council on this..anyways it seems that any protest against this is termed as biggotory . or blindness..was amazed by the large number of so called Muslims using the rainbow app to show their support on the matter when it was amount of protest will do if that is an intentional plan that they wish to execute..besides it is also a sign of the hour unfolding before us..
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Munir Chowdhury
bushra, mashallah very insightfull. dont b upset bcoz frustrating us n leaving it up2 divinity is another trick of the shytwan. who did n when did sodomy got legaliized in this country? just the other day i heard it is a crime with sentencing of life time imprisonment. which is too lenient. if a raspist gets death sentence, the 1 who is contributing 2 shytwans coz of slowly perfecting humanitys demise shud also b killed. bsides these r retards n lowlives with serious shortcoming in intelligence, who does more damage then good in the society. so y our tax paid money b spent on these cursed for decades after decades?
dont forget shytwans do come in forces in human shape 2 heip the kafirs. but allah has reassured us by sending fereshtas against those shytwans. so dont b surprised n scared of the invisible world (even if they bcome visible n rowdy) bcoz allah has also reassured us that w/o his help no human cud ever survive against jinns in this world. so all those people gathered on that day, were they human or british n american special invisible forces?
i still think inshallah the few points we xchanged put 2gether with allahs rules n examples wud suffice 2 alert the people  of this country, about the true intentons of our  “development (of ultimate shytwani mind n lifestyle project) partners”.  as u can c that i wrote as eleborate as possible blog in july, n it is not even 2 months gone n how fast they advanced. shytwan n its sodom lovers the west (mainly britain n america) hav deviced too many ways too keep us busy n irritated eg., extraordinary traffic delays, giving us statistics of arab spring killing, nyse like volatile political rivalaries with monthly hi s n lows data, charts etc. thats y we dont find time n hope 2 preempt their next evil move. thats how they get away bullying us having cot us off guarded (addition)(we r also not trained or experienced in such crudeness of life  2 even give any thot 2 validate any sorts of immorality by negotiating with the  hierchy of religionn if needed with a faithless courts order) n teaches us new definition of words like bigotry every other month (addition)(unlike them rather then slowly bcoming animals islam teaches us  not 2 sell the religion but 2 immediately shutoff dialogue with them sayjng – lakum dinukum waaliya deen meaning yor religion is for yorself n mine is for myself).  let it b the very last second, still we shud, as allah says 2, confront them with courage n iman. the rest is his part bcoz only he decides the winner n looser n farther said mumins will inshallah allways win, regardless of temp setbaks, if any. (addition) i can guarantee u that they will move even faster soon bcoz they r betting on their sorcery gained trophy the 1st minority chief justice s k sinha 2 b in their favor.  like i said in anorher blog that if somebody has a hollow brain n a  big mouth then he can can keep on argueing in his own favor regardless how illogical, meritless n vague his arguments may b bcoz he is brainless.  now if he is not in sync with the  belief n values with the majority he cud possibly b just another filthy, disgusting, perverted,  dirty, immoral never 2 b pardoned by allah gay, bi sexual or gay sympathizer like the brits, germans or americans.  those who go 2 the extent of modifying their core faith 2 bring the blames onto muslims & shows outrageos indecemcy 2 call us bigots whereas just a few yrs bak we shared almost same values in defining bigotry.  bak 2 s k sinha, chief justice of the supreme court has taken oath 2 the land not islam. so a case in front of him requesting uplift of ban ln act n punishment of homosexuality might look (pretend or not) very innocent n humanitarian n like all knowing suranjit sengupta givjng fotwa that allah n  creator r same, this 1 might say he saw g8 interest in the case n he knows the hadis of prophet mohammad (saw) where he urged muslims 2 earn  knowledge n if necessary even go 2 china (then the farthest place of  civilization n learning center).  so not 2 upset bhogoban usa (if muslim students start goung 2 china bing fed up with usa n wests homosexulity, bigotry etc.).  he not only decided 2 take (dead humanitys) side but  by making his gay sardars happy also opened up opportunities 2 earn knowledge fm these mightyer hi tech countries (regional balance of power is no concern 2 him).  only 1 condition n that is aspiring students must b gay (that will help the liberal movement too).  well who can stop such a wise man with so many calculations in love of his country with full ahthority 2 do so.  in case it bakfires like when bhogoban creator shytwan iblis loudly farts during scarely running away due 2 allahs i.e. fereshtas chasing fear (fm hadis), he too might run away 2 ny if the country gets in2 whirlwheel like communal chaos. he will b saved n relaxed somewhere in ny luxuriously. then remembered as a wise man of the east!.

so pls go ahead take yor time n inshallah p/u the pen n c how mashallah allah put yor hidden wisdom on2 words that truly can save lives n gays hanged 2 death. pls dont feel burdened or forced by me. i am mashallah confident on my instincts n thats y chosen 2 request u. u can inshallah do it. just relax n take yor time n wisely choose the distribution list. so inshallah by next friday (once u start u will c it gets done so quickly mashallah). get noufela involved if she finds interest. then we will teach the meaning of bigotry 2 british council (custom made for bd like many other things).
dua for ershad (how about him, is he interrested in blogs?) n the 2 mischieves.
take care.
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Rahnuma Ahmad
The main matter of worry is not that this agenda is being pushed and is being accepted ..welcomed rather..the point is how was an entire generation stripped off its main purpose of the world became the only source of the value of the furqan was lost..ask any kid what they think of the Quran or sunnah..just Arabic they even understand or care or fear about the minimum criteria..they only care about what they think..rather the focus should be on how to bring back the understanding of the seen into our daily to realize that nothing is illogical or use the term that this thing does not fit into today’s time..we lost ourselves when we stopped praying..wen we stopped covering..wen we stopped reading the Quran..wen we stopped believing in the sunnah..wen we locked our deen up in the wardrobe.and started considering religion to be a matter for the old and dying..wen we stopped looking for authenticity in the matter of the deen.till we return to matter how much bang our head against wall on such social will only fall to deaf I do not like putting up my opinions because for someone who doesn’t even understand the basics..u can’t expect them to get it..if dunya is the only thing that matters then they do have the right to follow their lust..its only fair that way
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Munir Chowdhury
Bushra, do u know wot u hav done mashallah? u hav written the most true n powerful lblog any1 anywhere written bcoz u hav cot the shytwan by iits forlock n each n every word of yors is the survival o2 of the 160 million bangladeshi who hav been made helpless n hopeless by primarily 2 monkey creations since 17 dec 1971. 1 is called uncle sam n the other 1 is the opportunist favorite n allmighty(?) uncle iblis of usa (add uk for the totall pic).  a big chunk of the brain dead nation americas foreign policy makers r avowed 2 still take revenge of the hard beating they received due 2 our indepence not only fm the pakis but as well fm the hindustanis. a big # of these nincompoop american.diplomats n intelliigence workers hav paki gay lovers (no jokes!). so as a honest stinken perverted lover wud do thats wot this judio/ christian bastards did 2 compensate n make happy their lovers. they went 2 their uncle sams gay lover uncle iblis for help. thats y n how it all started fm 17 dec 1971. a new addition came in with the WTO agreements when rhey found bhogoban. so the rest that were not with the policies of gay lovers, now these super straight social jerks found a way 2 please the bhogobans n of course at our expense. so in the gridlock of these 2 monsterous human evils we keep on getting 1 after another totalitarian goverrnmrnts that helps their bottom line but they remain unapproachable for.their own commoners.  that is how; as u hav mashallah noticed correctly, we hav lost gsnerations cing only greed, power hungry, corrupt, moral n value less, leaders of bad character. no question of religion there.
can u expect islam n arabic 2. b mandatory subjects fm class 1 2 hsc, when the edu minister is a lifetime commie politician?
so as i was saying yor ans i wont say ans but excellent blog does hav mashallah all the final elements 2 stirr up the majority of the muslim population of this country. now some1 (education expert) needs 2 scientifically define islam n arabic language in2 our skool syllabus n some1 fm within the govt who fears allah n is a patriot needs 2 drawup a detailed roadmap. this is the only way we a muslim majority (90%) country can survive or else these 2 shytwan uncles will never leave us at peace.
i understand yor sentiments mixed with frustration. but if we do not express our voice outside there will b no improvements rather things will get worst 2 doomsday but only for us. n that will b very shamefull for the deen n the ummah. so lets try 2 give our best whenever oppportunity shows up. the rest of it is in the hands of allah. isnt that the sunnah of prophet mohammad (saw)? allways remember there is only 1 thing that increases by sharing n that is knowledge. so let not shytwan or others get in yor way using emotions for creating stubbornness n that too at the wrong place at the wrong time. truly i am mashallah proud of my nieces islamic thot process judgementally very well connected 2 the overall environment. jazaki allah khair. dua for all. b chacha.
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Salam. bushra, i hav decided inshallah 2 put 2gether both of our msgs 2gether n publish in wp. any concluding remarks for a nation that has been underspell n very lost now mashallah trying 2 come out of it. they r also looking for answers “how the value of furkan was lost”. also, ” wen we stopped looking for authenticity in the matter of the deen.till we return to Allah” very ritely said but who was the prophet n who was the god of this religion? y shud they b allowed 2 escape law specially when the matter is of global proportion with a few countries hurt most, bd being on top of that list.
dua for all. jazaki allah khairan.
ps., let me hav yor decision say how about 2day?

Rahnuma Ahnad
There is not much point protesting on social media..for people over here its only a matter of entertainment..from what I have analysed there is much hype about one topic for a few days..people fire their opinions..may be a little stir up happens and then they move on to the next topic…angry posts or controversial topics doesn’t alter the minds of people..rather it is better to remind and invite for the understanding of tawheed..if human being becomes God conscious their perspective changes..if they bring it in to their daily practice ..they won’t be so is mentioned in the Quran.shaitan wants for us a far deviation..from which returning to the straight path is no longer’ah is forbidden in our religion..a good example is us..this subcontinent is full of made the religion appear baseless and unnecessarily difficult..we search for shrines and holy people to wash our sins..thinking they will take us to heaven..and then gradually the generation moved away from the deen in to the hands of the shaitan..anyways if u say this matter at hand is haram..they will say god Has more mercy than that..if u say it is unnatural they will say they were born that way..then again if u think about it..if it is genetic then how did this gene get passed on while we know the homosexuality does not result in did this gene pass on through the thousands of years of human existence..u tell them it harms the body..they say people have the right to love whom they wish..although many if not all have been victims of child abuse which led to their life choice..and if it is a matter of love then they if not all cheat on their partners..
Anyways shaitan has his way with the human mind..once removed from light to darkness the one will only wonder about I said before this is not something I would like to get into..I would rather focus on making a small change a day

i would say mashallah a brilliant observation by my niece (cousins dotter) of a eztremely serious matter on which the govf has taken a very strange silence policy. after the preview of the eid special lesbian natok was shown on the tv about a month bak 99% of the opinions in the social media was disgust, surprise etc..  but still 2date there has been no reaction fm the govt.  i guess it is waiting for the angry popoulation 2 take it out on the streets n then it will help them in many ways.  brutal.police force will  b used 2 show off they r in full control.  then the social medias will b blamed where another ex lifetime commie is in charge of info ministry n is alllways looking for opportunities 2 gag the only remaining true  voice of the country.  whenever a country goes in2 chaos the heat of the street allways spills over the social medias bcoz in the modern world any1 with a smart fon or notebook n some conxious is a reporter.  bcoz whenever he sees something unusual n disturbing he takes the pic, gathers wotever info he gets &  during his convenient time he puts it up 2 share his experience, info he got n his thots if any.  it is pure, unbiased n rite at spot with immediate coverage thruout the world.  this is exactly wot news agencies like reuters n few others only did bfore now the whole world does but w/o recruiting reporters n any vested interest.  so if u dont know yor job dont blame the bloggers.  they just write the truth or voice their concern fm experience. y blashphemy n extremism both patronized in this country. when these 2 clashes its easier 2 hard hit even neutral persons religious practice. n religious bloggings can b targeted.  the amount of nudity in all medias r beyond imagination even, y arent we addsessing that?  there is abundant technology 2 stop these.
in usa most people, at least when i was there, used 2 hate sodomy.  but under their non religious screwed up democratic process they were too relaxed now practically it has bcome allmost homosexual country.  so lets not get busy vindicating the innocent b get busy with bizness of pleasing the west  now with gay n anti gay issues  bcoz we hav had enuf with liberation n anti librration also terrorism n antj terrorism.  these r all wests crooked scheme 2 make money killing n fooling us.

so the urgent matter at hand now is at any cost we hav 2 stop the lesbian tv drama, the eid gift of the west thrown in the sewer where it blongs.


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