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The best seeds sown 2day wiill inshallah b the staple for future



a very imp meeting on helping syrian  refugees.   wonder how the enemies of islam got their way of pleasing the judio christan motives of keeping the rebel fighters out of the agenda when both r interchangeably linked.

this is simply outrageous!  this is nothing else other then another scheme like palestine where the west cries foul on peace, hypocrits when allready ordered camp israel 2 murder certaain # of palestinians n then picks up the fon talks 2 oic in the name of showing sympathy but the intention is 2 ensure that oic calls up a meeting.  this meeting serves 2 purposes; 1st it  fools every member state that the occ (elite club compised of s arabia, kuwait, quatar etc.) countries r contributing a lot for palestinian now it will b syrian cozes whereas  they r maintaining deep relationship with  the muslim killer kufris, but by quietly helping after every such barbaric acts actually promotes the evil.  they never condemn britain n america even knowing these 2 r brains of evil n anti islam.  the 2nd objective which is achieved is once they r falsely shown helping the distressed the batton of all meetings remains in the hands of these nincompoops yet shrewd occ states hands, n thats how we all c of all the orgs in the world organizationn of islamic cooperation (OIC) calls up  an emergency meeting on syria without having syrian rebels in the meeting agenda.

my appeal 2 the 57 body OIC is 2 expell all the member states of occ fm the OIC n its committees for aiding kafirs aganist islam. also pls consider the rebels very importantly.  dont get bogged down 2 isis n rest of the craps bcoz those monkeys in cia will allways use a few so called muslims or transed muslims thru their spells 2 keep us confused n fool us n divert us fm our main objectives.

i wish n pray for grand sucess of yor meeting with successfully eradicating hypocrisy (which allah has warned worst then kufri) n formulate plans that will inshallah bring peace in the middle east n the planet earth.

[OIC News]. Have a look at it! http://www.oic-oci.org/oicv2/m/en/topic/?t_id=10430&t_ref=4117&lan=


Salam.  i am bak with the same topic bcoz 2 my awe n shock i found out wot i mostly predicted of inner conexion between OIC n GCC is true.  on the nite of 13th o went 2 c in OIC site wot was the decision taken.  i went thru the several pages of meeting communique n found there nothing newer then wot i had predicted.  here is the lonk for the communique for those who wants 2 verify.


then on 16/9/15 i saw the news with the  video that it was the 3rd day base israel has been, as it showed on the news, the soldiers r inside the al aqsa masjid with auto heavy machine guns firing 2wards  the palestiniens n all the palestinians had was only rocks 2 throw bak.  during the 3 shameful days for islam where was gcc?  nobody heard fm them until the morning of 18th.  as usual salman the clown got in2 the usual hypocrisy act.  condemn their guards ie., camp israel utter not a single word against uk n usa who had ordered this disecretion of the masjis n killing of unarmed muslims in order 2 divert attention fm syria.  tjey must hav planned massive killing there.

after i heard the 16th news i did write a blog.  i hav copied it here, enjoy it.



The 3rd most important shrine n 1st qibla of islam. well if u have read my blog 2 OIC on its emergency meeting about syria, u must still remember about the pdocedure of anglo americans follow thru base israel 2 kill n arm twist muslims. killing quota or destruction target havent been achieved yet. thats y kerry hasent picked up the fon. for that reason s arabia isnt giving any statement. but the saud bastàrds r very busy defending their treasury giving a press release this morning saying they r (bcoming poor by) helping the syrians. i was commenting on it n half way thru the other royal bastards came 2 sauds rescue. yes the brits hav srarted again snatching censorship pgms. several of my blogs all at least 50% completed, hav been snatched in the last few days. each time diff tricks.

oh, by the way i did go bak 2 the oic site 2 chk the outcome of sundays emergency meeting. the massive communique filled with eye catching, emotion creating n bureaucracy heavy styles n procedures (must b a harvard/ yale summa kumma laude recruited 2 fancy with composotion n fool the world) which wud show as if lots of works hav been done n will b done. if reread carefully n compared with my blog, any1 will inshallah b able 2 c convincingly that all it did was paved the way for gcc help sponsor american war initiatives (as i hav explained in that blog) n nothing else. 

fellow muslim brothers lets wake up. enuf is enuf. we all hav 2 face allah 1day n will b asked at least for our intentions in defending the islam deen n our contribution 2 the ummah. with the current record how will we face him n how can he forgive us although he wants 2. 2day our brothers r dying bcoz all they hav is stones 2 defend masjid ul al aqsa. tomorrow more brothers will die in syria bcoz they wont hav ammunations 2 pay for n they will also hav 2 pick up stones 2 fight against most modern weapons supplied bu the kafirs.

By Munir


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    Salam. some major concerns relating 2 how OIC ia being run. specially its interaction with GCC member countries.
    my warning 2 the ummah, if we cant get rid of syrias evil bashar soon then we will loose control of mekkah n medina 2 the yahud n nasaras (jew n christians).


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