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13 hours ago
amar shadhinotar kotha originally shared:
একটা মিথ্যা-বাদী, জঙ্গী অর্থ্যাৎ শূয়রেরর বাচ্চা ও হিংশ্র-জানোয়ার এবং “সন্ত্রাসী নামাজী”র তুলনায় একজন “সত্যবাদী বে-নামাজী” ব্যাক্তি অনেক-অনেক গুনে শ্রেয় !

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M kamal 11 hours ago
নিকৃস্ট শুকর কে গালি না দেয়া ই শ্রেও।

Mitulmahamudonik Mitulmahamud 11 hours ago
Oke fire kore jonoter samne mara uvhit

delwar hossain 9 hours ago
শালা ভন্ড

Munir Chowdhury 8 hours ago+1
Salam. The only criterion that Allah uses 2 judge who is better amongst his creations is named by Allah as tawaqqul
meaning who fears him most. This is wtitten in the book of furkan or book of criterions aka Quran. Furkan bcoz when truth comes lies r exposed, as daylite covers the darkness,as goodness chases away the evil so does Quran bcomes the criterion between rite n wrong, good n bad, deeds acceptable n rejected by Allah, hallal n haram etc.. N y we shud fear allah? Ñot bcoz he is a ferocious animal out fm the wild chasing any human 2 kill that comes in its way. But bcoz he is the creator allmighty not only claimed but proven by modern science comparing signs in the Quran which Allah had sent for the entire human kind through his last n best messenger prophet Mohammed (saw) more then 1400 yrs bak, n the only recent scientific discoveries. Noboby yet cud prove he was a magician or even show a magician can do a fraçtion of that.

More or less 90% population of this country wants 2 fulfill their daily obligation 2
their creator Allah as he has demanded fm his subjects. In other words they all want 2 b allah fearing by staying truthful, honest, patriotic, humanitarian, work under conscience not. greed, lust, whim etc. all  else that Allah has made mandatory for him.  All these rules n guidance 2 protect n show him the way (hedayat) 2wards bcoming the best of ashraful ul makhlukat or the best amongst all creations n that includes fereshtas. The Quran n hadises of prophet Muhammad r nothing but manufacturer’s manual eg, like the 1 u get when u buy a cell fon. Without reading it u won’t know how 2 easily n optimally use your fon or how 2 take care of it.

Similarly creator or manufacturer of human beings Allah arranged for their birth in2 this world n sent along his manuals so that they don’t become shytwan humans by following iblis n its gang but by following his guidance thru his manuals they dont bcome a human of animal instinct but a superior creation better then all else earning allahs highest satisfaction. Better then fereshtas bcoz they were created capable of doing only good deeds as opposed 2 cursed shytwan can only do bad deeds, whereas humans r given full freedom 2 choose their path n if they choose allahs favorite path then 2 achieve purity sky (not 1 but all 7 of them) is the limit inshallah.
First n foremost citeria that islam demands is monotheism n declared athaeism n deitys comparing 2 1 n only allah is shirk n kufri or non excuseable sin.

Namaj is the strongest pillar of islam. So no 1 shud make it controversial for political reasons.

I am mashallah a muslim n i love namaj. Y my namaj shud b degraded by comparing it with some shytwans namaj whose name hasnt been also given? N for that matter the namaj of 90% people of this country? The shrewd attack against islam bing supported by a logic that can only come fm the mind of a persistent failing student can only b left for allahs judgenent bcoz 1 who dosent understand the biggest n most clear truth of all ie., islam is very unlikely 2 b  an “al amin”.

Like i said most of us r peace loving muslims in this country n dont lack patriotism neither we like 2 b teased for our blieve n practice.+2

সালা শয়তানের বাচ্চা

nur jinnat 3 hours ago
Kuttar bassa

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