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It had been an interesting review of a historical character, who still 2 some is a legend.    Thnx 2 Dr. Zafrul Mobin for starting it off. 

For me it was mashallah yet another proof of till u start writing u really don’t learn.  Alhamdulillah.




Munir Chowdhury 7 hours ago+1
Salam. Thnx for reminding. I knew this but cud never figure out y this man himself didnt adopt Islam. Then when I read a bigraphy of the prophet (Mohammad (saw)) written by Karen armstrong, I think I found the answer. There she said that after much debate n search many westerners specially scholars, wiseman etc. although agreed the virtues of Islam but at the end didn’t adopt islam as their religion bcoz they, as KA had anticipated, were under the belief that Quran didn’t come fm Allah but was written by prophet Mohammed (astagfirillah). So unfortunate, but then again who am I 2 repent when the wisest n the most just decides. FEAR ALLAH.


Salam Mr.Munir Chy.Thanks for initiating another round of interesting discussion.Napoleon was raised as a Catholic but he never developed much faith neither related to religion nor to invisible God.Reflecting that Napoleon had a civil marriage with Joséphine de Beauharnais, without religious ceremony.But during his campaign in Egypt he learned more and more about islam and Quran and became a great admirer of Prophet Muhammad (sm). Napoleon showed there much tolerance towards Islam and discussed a lot with islamic scholars;even he ordereded religious celebrations which was contrary to his belief and conduct.As a great politician he understood what caused Hazrat Muhammad (sm) conquer the millions of hearts of different social and cultural backgrounds. According to his understanding it was basic principles of Quran.That’s why he intended to estabilish the basic principles of Quran to rule his conquered land to bring peace and harmony.This intention of him should not be considered as his faith on Islam but the greatness of principles of Quran which can deliver a good governance.  

+Zafrul Mobin​ Salam. I am not a napolean (nb) expert but saw a movie on him. So wotever u say about his personal life I won’t deny.
U r saying nb was a great analyst n intellectual who observed, read, discussed all aspects of Islam n concluded that as prophet Mohammad (saw) did ie., by “establish” ing the principles of Quran he cud also peacefully rule his conquered lands. Now I find another blunder of nb. Prophet Mohammed used 2 send dawaah (invitations 2wards Islam) never Imposing even threats. The very 1st basic principle of the Quran is shahada, meaning 2 get Allah’s rahmat, barkat n Islamic states benefits is 2 give witness 2 its ruler (shahada) that allah is 1 n only, there is no other God n Mohammad is his messanger. Aft swearing he bcomes a free ctzen of the Islamic state n learns the 1st hadis in bukhari shariff where prophet Mohammed taught niyat (1s innermost mind where he keeps his intentions hidden n only Allah knows about it) infuences 1s deeds outcome n results. Now my point is u can by avoiding shahada n not blieving in hadises like the 1 quoted obove, copy entire sharia laws, life n clothing styles, food habits, inheritance laws, gender rites etc. etc. FM Quran n sunnat (wot will happen 2 other 4 pillars salat, Siam, hajj, zakat), how in the world he planned 2 establish all the basic principles of Quran not being a muslim head of state & avoiding/disrespecting basic of the basics.  Or, i am seriously thinking now, he thot he cud cheat Allah (astagfirillah) n get all the mercy n blessings of allah that prophet Mohammad got bing a Muslim. Did Allah say anywhere in the Quran that he will make the kafirs winners if only they followed their instinct or whim in taking instructions fm Qur’an n that also 2 the extent for ruling the country but not allowing them all the benefits of freedom. Or was he a total bluff trying 2 fool Muslims for his political agenda. Perhaps he was a total mad man who never understands but just makes meaning.
I wud like 2 take this opportunity 2 introduce the latest smartass nation USA which has a carbon copy mind like nb – let’s try n play with Islam’s virtues n hell with their faiths n practices.

+Munir Chowdhury salam.“or He was a total bluff trying 2 fool Muslims for his political agenda”- highly aappreciated thought.Thank you once again for your analytic opinion with which i also agree.Have a nice time.

(Msg 2 dr. Zafrul mobin) Salam.  Something strange happened.  I am missing yor 1st blog where u did some remarks about nb along with the piccard.  In my timeline (the 1 I reshared fm u) hav everything else
except  that.  I wud appreciate if u kindly send me that blog o     yorsl


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