Humanity’s Survival at Stake, Qur’an Warned


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Slovakia Refugee Pre-conditions.



Never heard something like this bfore but there is always 1st time for everything. After a little thot I wondered whether I shud call it mashallah a blessings in disguise for the Muslim refugees or some violation of un humanitarian charter or a blatant arrogance of discriminatory act bhind a soft but sellable logic.

When there is no good news except rising stats of killings n sufferings about Syria, wotever preconditions imposed I have to admit this is a positive news. I also considered the fact a small recently independent country can’t cope with too many foreign n also of different religions refugees. Slovakia has still got to go a very long way bfore they can learn the tricks of immigrants trade like usa, uk, aussie et al. where they remain pretty much confident that by half a century their so called democratic system with all the filths &  fruits of capitalism can turn the best of the other religions people into Christians. Also all these 3 has enuf land area n big economy to take such risks but Slovakia (little smaller then bd with a population less than half of dhaka ct!) & primarily a catholic (80%) country is, bsides all these factors, highly unlikely to take in Muslims even if the situation was ww3. Never underestimate Czechks, Polish & Balkans.

If u remember the story how the ww1 started with possibly a Croatian prince killed in Serbia or vice versa. That war still continues today, how? It gave birth 2 Hitler the originator of ww2 n zionist movement. That then led to wrongful occupation of palestine with so many wars linked to it up2 now. Now syria, iraq added. The Levant area today is probably the place where ww3 will start under any excuse, Allah forbid. Levant wud not have been so volatile had it not been that few countries got over confident thinking they have gotten away with the injustices of imposing illegal base Israel on occupied Palestinian lands.

Now listen 2 wot Quran sayz, “…….. If anyone slew a person-unless it b for murder of or for spreading mischief in the land-it would b as if he slew the entire human race: and if any1 saved a life. It wud b as if he saved the lives of the entire human race.” (Quran 5:32). R we not seeing it happening for over a century now?very cleverly thru many slow processes the fire has been kept alive to b spread at opportune times to continue on destroying the human race. A prince shot to death apparently for no reason over a century ago resulting into wars aft wars spreading thru out the continents trying 2 reach the climax ie., end humanity!

Will America still tell its liar n sorcerer president bush 2 show off the Quran & being a crusader try 2 b the imam of Muslims 2 explain this ayah as he did 2 protect us governments false war against terror aka muslims? Monkey sorcerer u n yor family have gone way too far playing games against Islam & me. Like yor predecessors n successors u will inshallah b publicly put under trial for injustice n killing humanity, period.


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