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I always try to respect others choices, rights n blieves. but that never stopped me from expressing myself or the truth. freedom shud hav its limits n thats where religion plays a big role.

my freedom shud not b a threat or an obstacle for others so that truth remains suppressed. so called unabeted freedom (actually enjoyed by very few) r nothig but shytwans shrewd arsenal to revenge on humanity.  thru complex mechanisms of using its human best friends mind, media, technology, shameless use of friends character of lyjng, bullying, bigotry, love for evil up2 using their arsenals gets involved.  All for 1 simple thing,  that is 2 hide away truth fm en masse.

when u go to europe or america u c abundance of freedom exercised by mostly the majorities. now u enter the scene in a friedly mood n attitude.  After a while for good or bad purpose some1 raises the point on islam. after a while u cant take the abuse n ignorance on islam any more n still in usual politeness n civility start trying 2 rectify their shytwans trained misconceptions on islam. then the uproar starts… no no islam is all about terrorism. bcoz our respectable publishers always agrees with our whicheverfom of govt is in power to label islam as a religion for terrorists, in 21st century islam keeps women under veil, it is barbaric bcoz it stones to death adulters n bastards etc., so we dont want to hear about this religion anymore. No second thoughts or curiosity on islams philosophy.  had it been about hindu religion the curiosity wud never stp bcoz unlike islam hinduism promotes nudity. whereas allah warns that the sign of shytwans win over human is that 1st it takes off the clothing fm human body.  So many crores of avatars (obotars or bhogobans) names n stories 2 b heard which r filled with gods sexualities written like porno magazine stories n the portrait/ statues of deity’s of both animals n non animals (human look alikes) r all naked.  Well 2 them it is a very hi form of art n culture also that was in the coming.  So that is y, they say, we r not so interested about islams monoethism, its old n boring.  old bcoz they have heard about it in churches with weird explanations 2 extrapolate up2 trinity.

any reasonable person listening this bit can easily figure out the reason for shytwans outrage against islam. While explaining how islam n hinduism or any other religion is perceived n the contrast of these 2 religions focal points of interests or disinterests among others, hav i offended any person or their blieves? or i hav hllited only wot the few truths r.   For the few, which r even getting fewer day by day, that wants 2 know the truth about the religions they can use this is as a basis 2 look out for evidence of truth n c which 1 makes more good sense on the single ctiterion – TRUTH.  Then perhaps he can adopt the religion that suits his taste n need.  That kicks rite in2 the face of certain states interfering with the rites of its ctzens, banning certain religions very subtly with shytwans help.

this is the kind of person i m….sharing n caring with respect n never hide the truth, how bitter it may sound, keeping clarity n honesty, not bing a decitful hypocrit n live in a temporary fools world or b a chamcha 2 promote bi’dat (new n wrong religious rules), religious malpratice etc. . for mashallah my clear convictions on matters of fate, 1s own action n destiny – i do walk the talk rather than bing an evader. even in dismal conditions i feel purity in mind, strength 2 move forward with my faculties open 2 rediscover myself, the surroundings, 2 reinvent the classical islam which will remain the same till this duniya ends ( quran 30:30).

Mashallah bing in allahs way I try 2 achieve gradually a higher level of purification of my soul n mind.  This helps 2 create a  rythm that syncs in perfectly with all inner workings n the combination provides peace with the surroundings, no matter how much shytwan tries 2 lie, instigate or frustate me, mashallah.

may allah b kind 2 all of us 2 achIeve the hiest level of his satisfaction.


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