Nationalism, Arab League & Ummah




Nationalism, Arab League & Ummah.


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The League’s Goals and Interests

Like similar organizations in the world whose goal is to look after their members’ economic, political, cultural, national and religious interests, the Arab League has been active in helping the Arab world grow economically and culturally, while finding solutions to resolve conficts both within the leage and outside of it.


It was formed in 1945 probably under direction of USA n UK 2 fool the arabs. 1st telling them it will work as a shield against base Israel n then 2nd–ly telling the newly established autocratic jantas n kingships that it wud b easier 2 hide behind the nationalism n exploit. Even in bangladesh its all about nationalism. Wot a tricky shytwan the pair is.

Now people r even scared 2 talk about ummah bcoz they think it is a failed coz n being an Arab talking about Bangladesh’s Muslims condition will not b well accepted by the people n government n he cud b labeled as unpatriotic n vice versa. Bcoz nationalism is all about patriotism (overdone) n putting national interest 1st. How does my patriotism dies or my eagerness 2 defend bangladeshs ie, a.muslim majority country’s border defense gets compromised if I demand, contribute, participate only for the coz of prophet Mohammads (ummah) with the Syrian rebels 2 stp the deeply calculated genocide happening there? Havent I still remained a nationalist?

Wot does Quran n sunnah teaches us? Allah says he hashas firs created us (as muslims or nonmuslims) n divided us in2 various nations, colors, languages etc. So I was mashallah born as a Muslim in Bangladesh. Now wot do u c in prophet mohammads life? He was surrounded by mashallah sahabas of many nationalities eg, salman farsi, abu huraira (may Allah b pleased with them) were fm Iran. They all worked 2gather 2 create a ummah. Which is a borderless muslim commonwealth for all Muslims. Instead we c 2day most of the Muslim countries still subordinate themselves 2 kafirs, british commonwealth. Wot a shame!

Arabs r no better then nonarabs n vice versa. 2 Allah all that counts is which muslim in which country is more Allah fearing n works for the betterment of ummah. Thru ummah we can better allocate resources within the Muslim countries n within the shortest period of time inshallah create miracles in education, agriculture, industry et al.. Moreover I have shown in my blog “The fall of the Muslim empire” (11/8/15) that how dangerous is it for Muslims 2 b ummahless nationalists.

So brothers don’t live in pride that Allah has given u more n thru the fallacy of the league u can preserve n enjoy it more. No1 ever asked or inshallah will ever ask 2 share your wealth. It is just that let all of us 2gether b better Muslims where.we need not kiss up 2 kafirs. This is directly linked with allahs order 2 establish a peaceful world. So the sooner u breakup the craps u hav created like GCC, arab league etc. the earlier u get out of theirs curse.

Lastly a reminder for those who disobey Allah n his prophet: “Those who rest not their hope on their meeting with us, but r pleased n satisfied with the life of the present, and those who heed not our signs,-
Their abode is the fire, bcoz of the evil they earned.” (Quran 10: 7-8).

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The current arabic year is 1436 hijri (flags of al members).

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