U Kill & I’ll Make Laws for More Killing



although it seems that govts efforts thru making new laws r effective measures 2 discourage blasphamy (rumour is some more new laws by the end of the month), but i get an uncanny feeling that with every blogger killed it is bing converted in2 an opportunity 2 use the legal system 2 push the country 2wards a bakshali system but this time capitalist n middleeast monarchy combo style.

if u read carefully info law (2006) # 57(1) u will c while the law is primarily designed 2 discourage hate crime promotions thru writings, but a clause has also been incorporated in2 it 2 protect name n fame. n the court,as it says, has been very busy 2 protect rhe name n fame of the current pm applying this very law against মুদি দোকানদার 2 university professors. whereas having the hit list of possible bloggers the govt did or does nothing 2 discourage them fm writing blasphamos materials.

also it might, in the future, b interpreted as no1 can ask y in a country of 90% muslims suranjit sen revises the constitution or sk sen has 2 b chosen as chief justice.
this is wot u call training peoples mind that so long u insult quran n sunnah u r modern, digital n in!

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