Wots the Ultimate Ambition?



Salam.  Pretty sad n  vindictive stories there.  If  tried 2 recall then probably cud name a very few characters with such traits.   Mashallah never had problem recognising these selfish, bakbiting, opportunists n keep them where they blong – out of my life, so long those cudnt accept my life style or thot using me for their gain is the true meaning of friendship.

Now lets look at the phenomenon of building.a national psyche of rudeness, exploitation, demeaning, mistrust, bing sly … . .wow! ….bingo!  Sobs of us government n am psychology association (fm my morning post on the subject thru Saudi gazettte), I seriously blieve u hav 2 stand the trial of world humanity n explain the whole scheme of your sorcery aka the evil that u hav unleashed on specially muslims irresponsibly while knowning the known/ unknown dire consequences these acts inflict upon.  N u r  also using social inet medias as well as tv, radio et al. in the name of science.  Yor outragaeous acts dosent stp there, u use the same evil n media 2_torture the Muslims that u can’t enslave thru mimiking intolerable pain affected parkinsam disease!

Fellow Muslims now u mashallah hav solid evidence of wot they had been proudly broadcasting as effective use of social medias like fb n al jazeeras n rest in uprising of the evil in the name of arab spring!  All they did is divided the nations n replaced bad leaders with evil!

By Munir


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