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2 Jul 2015

Zahratalain: you tube complete qur’an.


Alhamdulillah. I recommend this beautiful compilation of all 114 suras/ chapters ie., the entire Quran.  Each sura/ chapter is listed seperately, neatly n serially, with nice contrast, colors n proper font sizes. This makes the english translation reading easy while 1 of the mashallah best telawats (recitation of quran in arabic, the only language Allah chose as the language for Quran) is being played on.

A well thot of site like this for non arabic speakers is immensly beneficial.  Due to her imagination, timely n brilliant efforts Mashallah a vacuum has been filled. Inshallah I hope this will b a popular site. The site might b useful as reference, study, recreation (listening telawat for relaxing) etc. needs of yor daily or casual routine.  Mashallah appreciate the hard, precision & no doubt a very time consuming, tidious effort of the muslimah.  Thanks for sharing this beautiful Islamic site with us.

For those who haven’t yet heard the uniquely beautiful quran telawat, I recommend that before u get confused on whose telawat, whose editing, about the quality n legibility of the translation etc. just hit this site & listen 2 the suras in any order u like.  Here r a few tips on the quran:

–  surah # 1 (fatiha) or the opening chapter but I also call it the executive summary of quran.  Wotever inshallah u will read in the rest of the 113 suras is basically the extrapolation of these seven beautiful n meaningful ayahs.

–  some terminologies:
bani israelis:  the childrens of prophet Israel as or 2day called yahuds (arabic) or jews
bani adom: human race springing fm prophet adom (adam) as.
isa ibna mariam: isa (jesus) son of mariam (marry) (may allah b pleased with them) nasaras: christians

Inshallah, Allah will increase our knowledge & tolerance in light of the truth for all humans to live peacefully in this earth.

Again to the muslimah – jazaki allah khairan (may allah reward u) splendidly.


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