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25/06/15 – Google Search…15228.122529.0.134073.….0…

a few days bak i had created a second site named ” interest free financial systems “u der the same username –  .munirchowdhury.   1st i had created the above captioned website which just now i chked in wp n it shows along wifh the site in the alternate site option. then y does google say  “did not match any documents”, rechked spelling n everything was ok.
the mother of all shock was yday in the middle of the nite i finished n published a blog in interest free financial systems.  bfore that i chose “twenty ten” as my theme.  greedy barkatless world was written for a special section of 2010 where it explains this written portion will remain as the 1st page of all blogs n gave a sample with a conexion at rhe end 2 add another page n so i did – wtite the blog down n in the  middle of the nite pubished it.  saw yor yay! msg for publishing firsr blog for the site.
then the magic stared.  my blog disappeared for atleast 2.hours.  my other sites theme changed fm saga 2 2010 n l itried a lot 2 fix it but cudnt.  then all of a sudden towards mornimg i saw the the newly created but lost front page blog reappeared but not in the 2010 front page  but wirh the olther sites blogs n greedy barkatless world was converted completely as my minirchowdhury site blog  fm inter. free fina systems.
can u pls uegently investigatr many mishaps n fix all my  probems pls keep .me updated. thnx.

By Munir

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