Ash-Shu’araa or The Poets


Pic: Kaba (the cubical structure) covered in the black clothing. Located in Mekkah, S Arabia.

9 Jun 2015

Ash-Shu’araa (The Poets)

The heart n soul of islam – Kaba. The 1st human who was also the 1st human on earth prophet adom’s (may allah b pleased with him) residence with his wife bb hawa (may allah b pleased with her) n the first building structure on earth.  Mekkah  is also the birthplace of our bloved prophet mohammad (pbuh). Every, financially n pysically capable, muslims once in their lifetime must perform hajj (1 of the 5 pillars of islam). ie., travel 2 mekkah n medina for relegious obligations. There r several places including mekkah n medina where all hajj rituals take place. Among the pilgrims the most favorite ritual is tawaf, which is encircling the kaba anti clockwise chanting, reciting fm quran, offering duaa (supplication) 2 allah n few more mandatory rituals.  another important aspect of kaba is all the muslims all over the world whenever they stand for salat they face kaba. a wish that came in2 prophet mohammads mind in the middle of a salat he was performing n immrdiatly his best friend allah fulfilled his wish n, prophet mohammad was asked within that salat 2 face 2wards kaba. fm that moment on for all muslims in the world till kiyamat (the last day of all creation.  all will b destrloyed for final judgement), the kibla (direction) bcame kaba.

Allahumma bariklana feha, allah pls grant me the virtue n barkat (his miraculous act of maximizing our satisfaction 2 complete fulfillment thru sharing, caring, sympathizing with others) of this ct (mekkah).its recommended 2 recite the duaa when entering mekkah. wot difference does it make when writing this yor heart n soul is already there. bfore i bcome more emotional in writing this let me cover another point.

when quran was  bing revealed for mankind thru prophet mohammad, due 2 its very rich literary composition that combines themes like prose n poetry the arabs wrongfully 2 intimidate him started 2 call him  a poet.  that iz when allah revealed this sura as a warning:

for it is he who heareth n knoweth all things,
shall i inform u, (o people), in whom it is that the shaytwans desends?
they descend on every lying, wicked person,
they listen eagrly n most of them r liars
n the poets,- it is those straying in evil, who follow them:
seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley?
and that they say wot they practise not?-
(translation, quran 26:220-226)

thus it reflects allah, prophet mohammad n muslims general abhorance 2wards poetries n songs (non instrumental religious songs r ok). all these does is promotes fantasies, lies n filths in a person’s mind. all r filled with tall tales of visions n lyrics of inconsistent hopes.  1 cud easily assume that this illusionary world of minimum 70% lies is nothing but a momentary make u hi n fly.   poetries and/ or songs can never give either roadmaps or any drugs for yor remedies.  while they seem 2 rejoice the listener temporarily but in the long run people bcome distracted about moralties, limits n bcomes  roudy, vulgars, some subtlelly characterless n allmost all crossing lines of islam; which simply with all its rules (mostly common sense driven) preaches purity in mind n decency in human interaction.  once u hav dried up with all will power n money yor best frnd actor shytwan has left u 2 find another music lover human 2 kill. wot a satisfied revege taker he is busy now with another poetic sucker n if u r a survivor then u r an all burnt up hopeless. if not, then faithless anti humanity asshole  in the process of  bcoming a very harmful human shytwan. that is y islam simply says hell with yor trillion dollar industry (that also significantly contributes 2 the another human killing haram industry – alchohol, which in turn is a vastly expanding another haram indusrry – prostitution, n the saga goes on n on).  the human cost (death 2 physical,  mental damage) n the negative affect on the society is way too hi compared 2 the revenues earned n employment generated thru these barkatless haram industries n outlets..

when i 1st saw this pic of kaba i was dumbfound for a moment n then again when it came 2 my mind that rheir arrogance has reached 2 such levels that they hav bcome deaf, dumb n blind too!  it cud hav been somewot acceptable if they were a british colony (looking @ the westminister style giant clocks n american style skyscrappers.  anyway, i am so disgusted about the whole affair that i will stop commenting on it n remind them how allah has expressed his dislike about hi rises, as far as i can recall, while mentioning about 2 ancient arrogant nations. n mashallah i dont hav 2 mention their consequences 2 u.  now pls read these following ayats n think carefully.  also keep in mind it is not only the safety  factors 2 b considered bcoz not necessarily allah has 2 explain us everything.  here prophet ād talking 2 his hûd nation:

” am i 2 u a messanger worthy of all trust:
“so fear allah n obey me
“no reward do i ask of u for it: my reward is only from the lord of the worlds
“do u build a landmark on every hiplace 2 amuse yorselves?
“do ye get for yorselves fine buildings in the hope of living therein (forever)?
“and when y strike u strike like tyrants.
” now fear allah, and obey me”.
(translation, quran 26:125-131)

mashallah several yrs bak i saw a science tv documentary where they showed people living far hier than the earth specially in hi rises tend 2 hav a harder mind than those who live close 2 the earth. pls DO NOT DISCRETE THE TRANQUIL HONOR BY ARROGANT DISPLAYS N ALSO TRY NOT TO DISTRACT FM ME MY KABA”S UNIQUE BEAUTY. PLS DO WOTEVER IS NECESSARY ASAP .

although fortunately for u n very unfortunately for the rest of the ummah, just giving yorselves titles as custodians dosent make u the owners of kaba n masjid e nobobii (prophet mohammads residence in medina, now buried where was his bed, the masjid which was adjacent 2 his resident – where he used 2 pray n was also his office. all now in 1 complex n known as prophets masjid. were the citizens of arabia consulted regularly, informed about these major changes? were there open n televised public meetings held 2 inform n get opinions?
allah pls help these gafels 2 understand how stupid they hav bcom by creating autocracy n taking protection fm britain n america, the very 2s that hav killed n still killing max # of muslims ever in history. not only that they r now insulting u too – astagfirillah. they hav put the muslims aside n made kafirs their best friends 2 enjoy haram. allah we r helpless 2 their shytwans acts n their abuse of power. but allah u r the most powerful n all knowledgeable. if u think they r fixable pls do so urgently n if u think they r beyond repair, pls in honor of u n yor habib prophet mohammad pls get the ummah 2gether 2 killl the evil acts of these unelected regimes.  let there b international pressure on them 2 hold a free, fair n transparent election asap, n all foreign troops n bases must b withdrawn fm s. arabia n fm all adjacent countries at least 6 months bfore the elections.

subhanallahi la ilaha illalllahi. wal ham dulillahi walla hu akbar.

The wall of kaba , on the side of the entrance door.


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