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Hilful Fujul:  many people dont know that the prophet of islam mohammad (peace b upon him) was the 1st ever human 2 start a charity organization.  He gathered a group of volunteers for charity works in n around makkah ct fm his youth n he named the organization Hilful Fujul, making it 1st humanitarian org in the human history.

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Was thinking for some time 2 write on the topic. As it (MHs) reshare showed up in the screen, i started writing & cudnt stop till the end.

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Don’t shop in big malls and supermarkets, They are not in need, they earn millions and spend the money they earn on luxury cars and expensive trips abroad.
Buy from poor man who suffers just for feeding his family, they are needy and poor have a lot of mouths to feed.

Please share this who knows, you may save a hungry kid. Never hesitate in sharing a good message. May Allah rewards you.

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Posted 2day about 20 mins ago in Maryam Hussains piccard in her timeline.  My blog didnt survive when i forwarded the complete blogs (ie., the way it is here but there a diff piccard along with the original blog.  I tried before  but i cud never import them here.  To recover my blog i went bak & used  copy/ paste 2 put my blog bak in.
All resharings (files, pics everything) to n fm ALL my apps hav bcome URLs meaning alk fotos n files sent by me is delivered (if at all) in the form of url.  Probably its easier 2 delete my files that way.  Again i had 2  bring the blogs 2 WP fm g+  using copy/ paste.

Blog starts.  I hav named it:
Wots it gonna b? Subject : Ideoligies

This is 1 of the core differences between capitalism n islam. Most people dont understand this shrewdness that hides in capitalism 2 exploit the wealth of others 2 profit the few. At 1 point it absolutely resembles communism. They start off on opposing principles (st ate owned vs. Private enterprise) but ultimately they create a beneficiary elite class that enjoys most of the wealth n power n never at peace with themselves. Their habit of exploitation then extends beyond their boundaries. Harming others brings harm on2 yorself affects them n out of insanity they start thinking themselves god n in the name of defending but allways imposing ideology, like the cruel n unjust crusaders, starts invading foreign lands. The working class already demoralized for bing turned in2 robots going against allah’s irreversible soft n hardware engineering of giving authority 2 human 2 enjoy the full freedom in owning or consuming fm his creations. Then the robots rebelled 2 provide anymore for the luxury n vanity of the system creators. Thus with all the resources, most modern techs, highly sophisticated modules n mechanisms driven consumable goods production 2 distribution with apparently a massive but honest bureaucracy n total govt ownership n control cudnt save it – communism went kaput! Now wot happened 2 the bound 2 b the next loser capitalists? Everybody in that system can own wotever they.like. strict price n wage controll with massive industries with strict govt guidelines n supervisions n of course free mkt (question is for who) seems 2 hav bot a lot of success (?) for this ideology. Can any capable american put up an industry inside usa 2 compete with frito lay in 10 states n in 50 states within next 10 yrs? In a mba case study yes but in practicality NO. Alternately, with a few regional chips makers (with mkt shares no where close 2 lays), a saturated mkt wud not b allowed 2 b disturbed by that govt. So the diff between commis n capitalists is 1 govt owned vs 1 (plus 5-10 small regional manufacturers) for almost all sorts of industries. N in both cases strong involvement of the govts – directly n indirectly (bcomes severe direct witth any lapse). So bing deceiving how much capitalists gain more? Well significantly in per capita income but in human development indices they r almost at par. So wot does a crazy american (here they bcome crazy.  2 much peer n social pressure thruout their lives 2  consume the next “model” is a beyond burden mental stress) do with his excess income? Buys an expensive house in an expensive neighbourhood 2 live alone crazily. Now bak 2 the point wot islam demands? Plain n simple private ownership unlike monopoly, conglomorate mixed us style that creates an elite, ruling class system which hav at least twice proven failure. Signals r coming fm within that. govt with socialism bing tried in social security (mandatory working generation paying for retired generation – a nation so proudly once claimed on indidualism. Hav u ever heard of slapping of allah? this is it. Allah had ordered in the quran 2 take care of parents at their old age instead they implemented shytwans system 2 live like animals. Who knows while trying 2 “teach” others wot lesson they r going 2 get bak fm allah? Ths sooner they will b “tought” the severest lesson the faster it is that islam will also get rid of a monkey enemy (also made in u s of a) off its bak.

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