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Interesting staff fm the minds of tomorrows inventors, scientists, programmers et all.

These budding minds also needs 2 b trained that innovations shud only b for humanity’s coz not for humanity’s destruction.  The argument that tries 2 write off the above prerequisite or parameter is that since the innovation of dynamite 2 these.days of nuclear, all these massive forces of destruction hav been put 2 good use too eg., in mining, medicine etc..  Now my question is  which was invented 1st?  Allways the weapon.  Long aft that other uses fm the same materials/ sources.

Scenario 1 (& the only 1):  wot if.human were not lucky enuf 2 use these materials 2 other good use?  More weapons wud have been made & a new sort of colonial world wud.have been.established under threat fn WMD owners.  Most of the nuclear powers colonial histories n their eagerness of imposing wrongful wars on small n poor nations since the end of colonial era implies that.  I call it a devine blessing by Allah, so far, 2 save the humanity giving us time 2 rethink our action n ambition in this world.  Instead we have engaged in the shytwans rat race of discovering more destructive weapons.  All chain of innovations comes 2 an end when something totally new n better alternative comes in n in some cases we just simply run out of new ideas or options.  In the end we c more n more money spent hoping 2 discover a new weapon n go ahead of the competitor and/or cash in before the unknown product end cycle comes in.  thanx again 2 Allah it hasn’t happened even with so many new variations of wmds like chemical, biological n so forth been discovered that 1 cud go much far ahead  in the sprint leaving all other competitors way bhind.

Does this allow humans 2 act irresponsibly like they r doing now, assuming or not assuming allah will allways b there 2 maintain a safety net.  Instead Allah says in the Quran he doesn’t like those who create troubles for others n causes wars n bloodsheds.  He also warns them 2 repent n put their acts bak 2 good rather then evil.
So he closely watches n gives time.

Let us stop this bottomless basket of stupidity n pleasing the shytwans by spending so .much 2_find something 2 kill.  Rather let’s spend these resources 2 eradicate poverty which is another weapon of shytwan against humanity.

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