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Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest).

Follow up on Miracles in the Qur’an by Rob Hargreaves

Dr. Maurice Bucaille has written a masterpiece named The Bible, The Quran and Science. Every1 regardless of faith shud read this well researched, eloquently written document on comparative religion based.on scientific indicatations n proofs.

It is not about competing religions or claiming supremacy. It is all about for muslims 2 further strengthen his iman n for a non-muslim 2 know the alternatives out there n use their own judgement 2 thimk wot is the real truth. I can share.my experience. Although I hav read the Qur’an first, i then decided 2.read the.other books mentioned in the quran n available (in wotever shape it mght b now meaning grossly alteted, no more in the form they came fm allah). So i got a copy of Taurat (torah or old testament) n a copy of Ingil (bible or new testament). First of all i didn’t like their scheme meaning calling their books wot muslims call them as mentioned in the quran ie, Torah (for Yahuds or jews) n Ingil (for Nasarahs or christians), when both of these religions dosent officially recognizes Islam as a faith n its prophet mohammad ( pbuh). This “marketing” strategy looked rather hypocratical. Anyway i read both the books.n found a lot of contradictions in simple common sense matters, not much depth of knowledge or wisdsom n hardly any logical explanations n almost nil on spirituality unless u r born in2 that culture n exposed 2 certaim ideas n thoughts w/ o given any logical explanations. Well every religions does that 2 start off religion in2 a childs mind but islam says when u come of age just dont accept wotever is given or dictated upon u but find the truth first.

The great truth is we are all sons n daughters of prophet Adom (adam) n his wife Hawa (eve), peace upon them. Then many prophets came each for a particular locality until the final 1 came ie., prophet muhammad (saw) who.haa been quoted in the quran as, rahmat al lil alamin.(quran 21:107) as allahs mercy 2 all. All the prophets blieved n preached in 1 allah n thus all of theirs religion was islam. Then allah through his miracles created different languages n colors among human bings (quran 30:22), for.reasons only known 2 allah.

May allah b pleased.with Dr. Maurice Bucaille n also.Akhter ul Alam, a renouned journalist (recently passed away) who translated the book.in bangla, w/o whom majority of the readers in this country wud hav been in the dark about this brilliant work.

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