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It is mindless n logicless. politically inclined bloggers r bing killed in such a tolerant society.  critics of religious extremism’s bloggers n religious movements bloggers – both sorts hav been killed in the recent past. both pointing fingers 2wards the others 2 accuse the cause of death. not only in the case of bloggers but also political activists fm both main camps r victims.  here too they blame each other.  the bottom line that serves here is the common majority that is already confused n shocked at these nurderous acts is getting more paralyzed due 2 this apparently invincible political gridlock, unnecessary violance n all pls get involved n make this an unprecedented bloodbath appeal like blame tricks while doing absolutely nothing 2 prove themselves visionaries, patriots, earnest negotiators of peace. 

As if all r working hard 2 earn a nick name for Dhaka – u want 2 blog n die go 2 Dhaka ct.  all talks about history not 2 take lessons fm itself but 2 shout at others 2 insult n instigate the others. Just talking n lowblowing like in a boxing ring dosent score here.  it makes the greater population impolite. the blame n effects of which falls bak on the politicians

Dont paralyze the greater populations mind n body with actions with which u can fool some people some time but never all the people all the time.   they r feeling a little nymb due 2 the too prolonged political violences but mashallah general population r much
more intelligent n religious then u or i might think.  they blieve in the power n justice of allah. they hav seen how allah defeats n humiliates oppressors regardless of narionality n religion when people follow his shown path n seeks his help.  For that u dont need 2 b a muslim country eg., vietnam but it also dosent hurt if u r a muslim country like afghanistan; 2 super powers – soviets, americans (even with nato n eu 2 baking them up) practically turned tales.

its time for us 2 hold each others hands not 2 point 2wards each other.  the earlier the better.  Last 2 times our hands.extended 2wards each other showed the world we hav the will, power, unity 2 perform miracles thru allah who made us independent in 1947 n farther more independent in 1971.  this time too we will show the world again inshallah we can defeat all conspiracies hid bhind hypocracies, lies n deceits of evil ambitious certain nuisenses.  please act respectfully n responsibly bcoz margin of error is allmost nill but allah helps those as hazrat mohammad (saw) said.  He also instructed through this hadis 2 hav strong bondage within muslims n ummah as well.
in other hadises he has instructed not 2 ignore or disregard kafirs living peacefully n law abidingly within muslim societies n give them the rite 2 practice their religion.

Blogger murder: Deposition delayed

Witness deposition in blogger Rajib murder case delayed

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