Pordas (veils) in Islam



History of shytwan Repeats Itself

Recently germany was again in the news about challenging muslims obeying islamic dress codes. intl hijab/ nikab day’s blog was revamped n posted 2 several sites.

When a war crime is not properly punished this is wot u get. after grossly violating the jewish rites now they r again starting 2 show off their stupid arrogance by trying 2 violate muslim religious rights. This naked aggression against islam must b arrested now by dealing with it most severly. Punishing them if they ever attempt again 2 insult tihe muslims, their religion islam n its culture n heritage, and for these matters each n every country that tries 2 follow the footprint of hate n lunacy of germany shud also b severly reprimended.  if at this nascent stage these scattered acts of prejudice n biogotry cannot b uprooted then its evil roots n branches will grow like gremlins,  n the human race will b at the brink of  destruction 1 more time.

These so called human nations r in fact shytwans factories n very much against humanity like shytwan. While under the protection of their liberal societies n so called democratic regimes these worst then illeterate intellectual thugs get the full protection of law 2 instigate n humiliate muslims.  So savage n shameful irresponsible acts.

This human race does not need another blood bath 2 know the proper identity n intentions of these bad blood hunans. instead wot needs 2 b seen is monkeys put in cage n humans live in this planet peacefully with their freedom of choice n brotherhood of trust, respect, law n order.



US, UK, Nordic Europe, France, Germany n probably many.more western powers who brags on allowing individual freedom n rites r again the forefront countries that allways tries 2 create an issue 2 stirr the public emotion in order 2 ban hijab/ nikab of muslim women.  Wot really pisses me off is that in this age of widely available very sophisticated but cheap technology where u hav a wide choice of person recognition tools like scanning of eyes, digital finger impression, even voice matching n who knows  wot else, where does all these debate n worries come fm?

Had it been something like pro choice matters, all the civil liberties n rites people with all kinds of fancy slogan mixed plackards wud hav been out in the streets in support of their muslim “sisters” crying out for their equal rites n liberties.  But no this is not obortion it is decency.  Shytwan, in the long run, has plans 2 destroy humanity using both, meaning call obirtion a human rites issue n.defying allahs order thru sura nuur meaning light (quran ch 30) encourage indecency eventually 2 push human race 2wards the whirlwind of social chaos wherefrom nobody can save them.

Salam again 2 all muslimas who defy these shytwans friends trying 2 intimidate them using many things including judixial harassments.  B strong, b an examplary muslima, never give in2 their threats n pressures, always ask help fm allah only.  Inshallah u will soon find it isn’t u but the frnfs of shytwans r the 1s that r fearing the punishment of allah for diaobeying him.


Salam.  Where i hav hilited nikab, although not mentioned, it implies to women exposed thru fotography as well specially in these days of internet.


Posted on 15/01/2015

Salam to the Allah fearing women in this so called World Hijab Day.

It was interesting to read all the different opinions on hijab.  Looks like more or LESS we all love hijab, simply bcoz it starts with bing Allahs order thru ayat in Quran thus making it faraj (mandatory) for all muslim women when they come in front of por purush ie., man outside their immediate family members.  These por purush r again clearly defined by Allah Himself thru ayats in the Quran.  I wont go into those details here since one cud n shud look it up in Quran, in case she has forgotten the ayat.

I hav my observations n thots relating to hijab practised or sometimes made political issues in the context it is prescribed.  I think this is a wonderful opportunity n forum to do that.  Since this is an act direcrly prescribed by no one else but Allah Himself 1 shud b unambigious on its modus operandi, if i may call it.
Allah has repeatedly advised in the Quran to read it to b wise bcoz He has written it for intelligent people in fact for His ashraful makhlukat or the greatest amongnst His creations.  Having learned that we shud first extract the thematics of Qurans direction on womens’ interaction with the society given by her “fashioner of shapes, forms aka Al Mushawwir (asmaul husna or qualitative beautiful names of Allah, #14)”.  One who has created out of His best fashion n forms  this beauty called woman, is the only 1 also  to know how to keep it away fm profanity n allow others to cherish her to b numinous in wotsoever role she plays in the society bcoz she only seeks Allah’s satisfaction according to His prescribed path.  We know that the manufacturers manual (Quran, in this case) gives, among all other solututions, the most preventive measures to keep harm away. So who other than Allah bing the fashioner,  designer, creator n the only hedayat er malik (creator for roadmap of righteousness) can provide the best code of conduct for women?

Now, i will present to u all a very cunning act by shaytwan to cheat women wearing hijab.  First let us look how it achieves that by simply making the woman forget that she has no authority to accept one ayat n reject other.  Hijab n porda (por purush) ayats r not self sufficient but rather they r complementary.  These 2 subjects together completes n makes hijab perfect.  Accetpting one n rejecting other only results in as the Quran warns, anger of Allah.
He warns He had punished previous religions followers for the same reasons of not obeying n bing arrogant.  This is also why iblis was made shaytwan fm bing a fereshta, astagfirillah (Allah pls forgive our sins).

Lastly but not the least the 1 who understands the theme of Islam thru the compassiionate calls of Allah in Quran n thru His best example for all human kind prophet Mohammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam),  cud easily figure out that while hijab makes women 2 b beautiful n responsible but at the same time it can hav dettrimental affects if abused in designs.  Some designs although long gowns seems to b competing with skin tight jeans or skimpy tops.  Then also bare faces (nikabless hijabs) draws more attention either it b for the curiosity or beauty or both.  So it defeats the total thematic of Islam for porda ie., for the women to inshallah  practice  porda (for reasons explained above) n thru this practice help men not to fall into shaytwans seduction trap by first indulging into sins of sighting (numerous warning in hadis on this simple but very tricky sin).  Lets not get into the worthless vanity arguments of pushing the blame on men saying they shud practice more eye n thot/action controls.  Allah knows best with wot distinct instinct n nature He has created
men n women.  That is why He has given different code of  conduct for these two distinct but interminglinging groups within drfined limits only.  Now it is onto us to study them carefully n inshallah thru continuous soul searching n reality chks implement Allah’s order honestly n purely in order to make a decent, Allah fearing n peaceful society.  Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, La. Elaha Illalla, Allahu Akbar.


Fashion and Hijab-ফ্যাশন এন্ড হিজাব
“The first time I ever wanted to wear hijab was when I was about 12 years old. I promised myself that by the time I was 13, I would end up wearing it. But I broke that promise to myself and soon, the idea of me wanting to wear it had been forgotten.
Fast forward 9 years and here I am finally wearing it, Alhamdullilah. After Ramadan 2014, I finally put it on. I had full support from my husband and parents, though, ultimately, I did it for Allah (SWT) and nobody else. The hardest part about wearing hijab is just before. There were so many ‘what if’ thoughts that ran through my head but with Allah (SWT), I’ve conquered those thoughts. Afterwards, I felt the biggest relief. Such a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. I wished I had worn it sooner, but later is better than never!.
I no longer have men who are not my husband look at me in inappropriate ways, for that, I am grateful. Covering my head and body is definitely one of the most liberating feelings ever. I hope all women around the world can experience the hijab’s beauty!” -Samia (St. Louis, MO, USA)
Please Shoare your hijab experience with us
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