Kashmir, where Jihad is Fard




Jìhad: A religious war for muslims whose geographic boundaries, human rights etc. are violated illegally.

Fard: Mandatory obligation towards Allah prescribed by Allah in the Qur’an (the scripture of Islam).

A censored Brit version
Kashmir, My Heart Melts


The Best Kept Secret

May I remind you all that my ĺife has been like a see-saw all through. Meaning never steady yet an accomplisher mashallah. Be that my academic, career or failed conjugal life. On the hind sight the temporary setbacks were nothing but relearning opportunities, although at times they were part of deep rooted complex conspiracies against the religion, country and high potential individuals evaluated at all sophisticated local and international levels. A deep rooted retard vision implementation through the axis of evil comprised of several sorcery sharing evil loving regional and international radicals and Islam hating nations from all directions of the globe gathered under one umbrella of an audacious authority. Over the last two decades mashallah their masks have been gradually removed and plans were crushed like pests under the feet of truth. Alhamdulillah a complete, uncompromised, non-ceremonial victory continues by the faithfuls over the humiliated combined force of ill intended “friends”.

Although the price paid so far by me can simply be described as brutally and cleverly set incalculable one. Cover up protected by specially the western media/ social sites active censorship along with the masked faces of innocence mixed see no evil, do no evil drama acts of the governments of the perpetrators. For they hold the most grudges against me – starting from their failure to enslave me to be their robbery partner, which they call global investment banking. Having failed in that then unable to falsely portray me a bin laden like entrapped and falsely accused Muslim. Thus giving the word Muslims meaning nothing other than terrorists characters. As I look back all that I could gather out of these outrageously ridiculous nonsense and plots one after another involving my private and professional lives interchangeably to make me a dog like themselves, is nothing but lunatic acts of some nincompoops, shameless liars who wanted either to use me or hide behind me. All these waste of my time and their power wielding either personal gains or so called national purpose are to be summed up as in a few words what an investment banker (treasurer) would say to his trader, who had a tough day to keep looking forward not backwards and use the experience as a learning curve. There were no merits or underlying fundamentals but bad education and whims of some unscrupulous across several borders. Idiots who wanted to destroy the economies by showing “irrational exuberance” on the plans of some wreckless policymakers and their pets which includes jinns, shaytwan ones.

If u chart my life, the moving average trend line will Inshallah be drawn upward. I am not proud but fearfull of Allah. And thankful that He has given me the opportunity to relook at the bigger picture of meaning of life in a deeper and rational way. Also taught me to hate and keep distance from arrogance, hypocrisy and bigotry. Inshallah I will wait for a total triumphant day when these doggy dogs world creating menaces are punished through transparent justice. Love you all. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

21 years All to deaf ears

Nothing Else

19 November 2020


The v-log was released 2 days back. I must admit that as much as I am disgusted with the American foolish hatred towards Islam and Muslims, I am also equally surprised at the odessity of the hindu state Indias persistence to help and hide which is at the core, that only the twisted American presidents can approve immoral and outrageous sorcery programs.

Ever since (26 years back) I joined the god forsaken Citigroup I was allured towards society’s trash women just so that they can gather enuf evidences against me to disrepute me. Then, as they failed and I observed, they religiously follow certain heinous acts. The girls are removed from my proximity and made darlings of people I would know but always be skeptical about. Then the hindi film style silsila or melodrama starts!

To pave the way so that they can cooperate very closely in this evil no cost, no evidence black magic scheme the modus operandi: first with divorce and then into forceful marriage (yes! very true) and another divorce. The 1st one was blessing in disguise which I would have done anyway and the 2nd one not even for a billion.

Not an overall bad result for kafirs. What the liars, who don’t believe in hereafter got to loose, when they have confined me to a censored distribution list of freedom of speech fraud act? Not only that but wasted 26 years of my prime time life, my career, my family, friends and social life. The only thing that they couldn’t even put a dent on is my Iman i. e., mashallah (since Allah wished) faith in Allah, prophet Mohammad saw, Islam and be a true muslim in words and actions.

The video will give you a flavor of their allways changing tricks on me.

Nothing else, we only want ur best (evil consequence)




A Kashmiri Photographer

The night follows the day, pls don’t delete my pictures, this is my earnest request (frame and lyrics matching each other translated) …


Specs for Corona

15 Nov 2020


Simple protection against evil eye Corona

– Sun glasses during day

– Night Vision specs at night

As the slow dance poem says:

When you worry and hurry
through your day,
It is like an unopened
gift  …Thrown away.

So pls try it and see if it works, otherwise it is an (non-priceable) unopened gift … thrown away.

Corona the love of my loin pain and fire of my “jihadi” life!

“If” I am gone (threat) ….. take the loser shytwans OUT, God Damned evil sorcerer

Complain coersing publicity seeker is back.



Remember the following post?

Implanted Fly inside me.

Was up all night tonight, again. This will be followed up with well rehearsed (eg, sydney opera house) twisted philosopher 2 oval duets psychotic evil political agendas lunacy of repeat chants and unimaginable perversion/ foul mouth English mother tongue chants. Throw a dog licked candy into the mouths of these sob’s.

The sound is of leash. Qur’an says prophet Solaiman a.s. disciplined jinns with leashing them. Also inshallah will work with the vote thieves

Hardly any proper meals served. On top of that pain and tremors almost reduces food intake to less than half of what 1 meal a day person should eat.


Over enthusiastic to falsely show I am in extra ordinary tremour
Growing Flowers on Stone

Soften your mind

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