RingId – Showing the Way to the Future?

28/02/19 Salam, Not many knows that there is an all Bangladeshi social site called RingId. It has the capacity to cover global audience. Those subscribe r either broadcasters or audience. It is not mandatory for the open audience to pay the broadcasters, although it is general courtesy to show appreciation by gifting those who perform … Continue reading RingId – Showing the Way to the Future?


I was shocked in a social media when a rude comment was made challenging a decently dressed women for showing her face. Islam is decency not rudeness, which can outrage a normal human & and make him hate the religion as wellas decent practicing muslims. If someone knows the rules of dawah then only he should approach, provided he had sought permission & granted or invited.

Assist is Religion

18/11/18 Excerpts from the "funny nations" lifestyle. have stronger identities, better careers and relationships, rather than for traditional moving milestones, like marriage or buying a home All they care for r in the above excerpts. Alltogether with greeds & selfishness they have created a land named america. there happens all duniya loving acts, then printed … Continue reading Assist is Religion

I believe that I’m being illegally censored

12/6/18I believe that I'm being illegally censored through my brand new laptop zed airAfter I had defined my Outlook account:chowdhury.munir@outlook.comand got it verified it through the MSN verification yesterday, I had to stop bcoz of sorcery pains inflicted by the US Government. https://munirchowdhury.wordpress.comTweet: @MunirUNTthis morning I intended to finish up the set-up. However, everytime it … Continue reading I believe that I’m being illegally censored

A Brainless Evil

26/10/18 Bismillah removed from my photo collections.